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SOGABE. Akinobu

SOGABE, Akinobu

 Company Name/School Name

AJI LLC – California International Golf Academy

 Business Outline

Akinobu Sogabe is an owner of CA International Golf Academy and has been teaching golf in San Diego since 2001.
He gives swing, shortgame and on-course lessons at Carlton Oaks Golf Club in Santee and Sorrento Canyon Golf Center in the Mira Mesa. If you haven’t played golf yet, don’t worry. He teaches many different levels of golfers, from beginners to professionals.

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 Hobbies/Special Skills/Other Comments

I have been going to a Karate Dojo in my local area for more than 7 years and I enjoy it very much. Karate helps to improve my range of motion of my shoulder joints and hip joints, and it also increases my rapid body movement. All of these factors positively affect my golf skills.
I am ranked a black belt.

 Your Hometown

Chiba, Japan