San Diego Japanese Business Association


This website was built to introduce San Diego Japanese Business Association (SDJBA) to members and general public for better understand the organization. SDJBA membership is comprised of Japanese-speaking businesspeople residing or having a business establishment in San Diego county or Southern California. Members have discussions and exchange information on business matters for mutual benefit in development and expansion of businesses base, and also wish to contribute to local communities through proactively inviting Japanese businesses to the region. SDJBA is operated in Japanese language in all aspects.

2024 Board of Directors

Board of Director/Be in charge

Chairman/Study session, FB

 Mutsuko Robinson



 Kazuko Coyne


Board of Director/Secretary

 Eriko Uyesugi


Board of Director/Treasurer

 Hiroki Morii


Board of Director/Member Speech

 Ai Hashimoto


Board of Director/Business Meeting

 Derek Kolterman


Board of Director/Internet coordnator

 Akinobu Sogabe


Board of Director/Referral

 Masashi Oguchi


Board of Director/Study session Assistant

 Maho Tuites

Non Board of Director

Treasurer’ assistant

 Kumiko Niwa


Newsletter & SNS

 Yume Velliquette


Evite & Newsletter

 Toko Oiwa


Public relation & Member’s orientation

 Michiho Onozuka

Successive chairmen

Year 1990-2011

 Keiichi Ito


Year 2012-2016

 Akinobu Sogabe


Year 2017-2020

 Hideko Galaski


Year 2021-

 Mutsuko Robinson