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NIWA, Yuko

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Alpha Dental

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I have been working in dentistry for 30 years in Japan and the United States. My job is to fill the teeth with composite resin and cement the ceramic crowns like natural teeth. Composite resin is the material of fillings that is the same color as the natural tooth. Also filling is not shaving down teeth too much only cavity area.
I will explain clearly the American insurance system and dental treatment that fit for you.
There is also a Japanese hygienist, Naoko, who works full-time. She is very popular and it cleans your teeth very well and carefully without pain.

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Our exceptional dental staff is made up of dedicated, highly-trained, motivated and caring professionals. Our team works closely together to bring you the highest quality dental treatment in a caring, warm and supportive setting. We look forward to serving you everyday!


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I work at a dental clinic on weekdays, but on weekends, I rent and dress kimonos, and teach kimono dressing lessons. I am in charge of coming-of-age ceremonies, Shichigosan, Graduation ceremonies of Nikkei schools, etc in San Diego. On weekends when I don’t have kimono work, I enjoy going to Zumba and gardening.

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