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San Diego Yoga Class

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Yoga Class
Private yoga / life coordinator
Personal trainer
Nutrition coordinator
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After graduating from a Shatai Sports College in Osaka, I worked at Levene (Tipness now), a major fitness club, as an aerobics/aquatics instructor and personal trainer. After that, I moved to the United States to study American fitness and nutrition. I’ve received panic syndrome and infertility treatment knowledge and experience during my time here. Alongside this, I’ve met and trained with yoga masters in Japan when visiting, always supplementing my free time with education and experience. Even with my long experience as a fitness and yoga trainer, I continued to overturn long-existing fitness stereotypes to better improve my quality of service. I’ve studied the harmony between the mind and the body and acquired the qualification of an Adjust Balance Yoga instructor. Additionally, under Dr. Shoki, who is a certified doctor of Chinese medicine and healthcare, I am qualified to perform the cassa plate massage and am also an ISSA certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. My goal is to support my clients’ daily lives and health as much as possible so as to improve day-to-day quality of life. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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Osaka, Japan