OKUMA, Svolopoulos Asako



Name OKUMA, Svolopoulos Asako

Company Name

Revolution Financial Management
Business Outline For CONSUMERS, I bring in education and awareness with financial concepts, products, and services for no charge, complete brokerage service, so they can make informed decision and compare options. My mission is to have everyone fully utilize all the categories out there that are available for people in the US to grow and secure their money and assets.

For ASSOCIATES, I develop leadership in them so they can build strong business/entrepreneurism, and become a group of great and ethical financial advisors/educators.
Phone (760)613-6982


Website URL Financialrevolution.com
Hobbies/Special Skills/Other Comments Hobbies - Drinking, Reading, Gathering with my friends…usually over some sake or wine.

Special skills – Not really…

Comments – Thank you for having me. I hope to bring some values to the group.
Your Hometown Tokyo