Name> OGAWA, Yumi (Nick Name: Yumi-Don)
Company Name San Diego Shiatsu & Massage
Business Outline

I am a representative owner of San Diego Shiatsu & Massage and qualified as a massage therapist authorized by California and Hawaii state. In addition, I am a mother for a son. I have lived in San Diego, California after living several states across the U.S. for fifteen years. I also have an overseas long-term volunteer experience. In Japan, I have a national license of dental hygienist.

I have been to 35 countries worldwide after graduating from UCMT, which is called “Harvard in the massage schools”, while giving massages on the 6-star luxury cruise ship from NIPPON YUSEN KABUSHIKI KAISHA and pursuing the top-level quality of service. At the same time, I have a heroic episode that I used to be a top saleswoman for cosmetic products.

While conducting my own company, I used to work for 6 stars cruises line which is Crystal Cruises & Goldendoor. My work has met with a favorable reception. I started going back to school for Naturopathic doctor. I will establish naturopathic clinics in the world.

On the other hand, I am in active as an instructor at some workshops in Europe & Japan. I now dedicate my life to an activity of helping Japanese families in San Diego. I involve myself with protecting women who have fallen victims to domestic violence and children who have been abused in the U.S. which is caused by my experience in the past. I wish I would help as many as possible of people who bear their predicament without home to go back.

The state where I have lived so far are Provo of Utah State, Waikiki of Hawaii State, Seattle of Washington State, Saint Louis of Missouri State, and San Diego of California State.

The countries which I have been on the business trip are 35 countries: England, France, and German etc.

I am proud of a top-level therapist woman who have both a Japanese spirit and a broad prospective to the world.

My education, training, and skills are as below:

2011: Started working at Golden Door after March

2011: Established San Diego Shiatsu & Massage on August

2011: Acquired the qualification of massage authorized California State, #19692

2011: A member of American Massage Therapy Association

2004: Acquired the qualification of massage authorized Hawaii State, #MAT-8160

2003: Finished training on the luxury cruise ship, Steiner Academy of England

2003: Graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy, UCMT

Phone (619)780-3544
E-mail sdshiatsu@gmail.com
Website URL www.sandiegoshiatsu.com
Hobbies/Special Skills/Other Comments Watching sports such as baseball or American football, Exercise, Enjoying various spa resorts
Your Hometown Kagoshima, Japan